About Us

She Speaks is a flagship project of the Aambra Foundation. It was conceptualized to give a voice to issues relating to women and celebrate their strength and success. We invite accomplished and inspiring men and women from different walks of life to share their stories of success, struggle and challenges and present case studies.

Across centuries and continents, especially in South Asia, a woman’s voice has remained stifled due to socio-economic, politico-religious and other factors. There is a viciousness in the name of family honour/shame and so on that prevents women from openly talking about their troubles. She Speaks hence endeavours to give a voice to the silent sufferings of these women.

About She Speaks


Through our seminars, we ensure that their voice is heard through a broad spectrum of society. We encourage and facilitate a dialogue between the panelists, participants and the audience. We have been actively engaged in helping women gain employment through various workshops. Women living in slums and victims of abuse attend and benefit from what they learn.


Panelists are drawn from the government, media, art & culture, NPOs, politics, corporate, policy makers, civil society, banking, writers, authors and journalists. An attempt is made to present a unique case study in every edition. Not only is the case study analyzed but also the solutions to the problems are deliberated and discussed. Eminent policy makers on board plan the road ahead for redressal and eradication of the problem.


Most of our daily lives are fraught with challenges of different kinds. However, there is one challenge faced by women alone at some stage of their lives – the problem of gender disparity! We at Aambra Foundation believe in helping women face these problems. We aid in bringing their concerns to the public eye, discussing them and reaching reliable resolutions.


Working towards a society free from abuse, we plan to map and document the findings of our research, dialogues and discussions to present a white paper to the Ministry of Women & Child Development. On March 8, 2019, She Speaks would complete three incredible years since its inception, which is when we plan to present the paper. Gender sensitization, policy, advocacy and empowerment will continue to be our principal goals.

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