She Speaks Edition 1

Topic : The Inspirational Journey of Outstanding Women

Venue : Hansraj College Auditorium, University Of Delhi - March 8, 2016

An endeavour to give voice to the voiceless and strengthen the women’s cause by inviting women to share the inspirational stories of standing tall in the fave of calamity and adversity. The highlight of the programme was the story of a cancer survivor. And Asha Devi, how a woman who had never been exposed to the world outside made fighting for the cause of women her mission after losing Nirbhaya. She Speaks is a feature presentation where we invite accomplished and inspiring women from different walks of life to share their story of success, struggle and challenges. We present a unique case study for discussion by the panel and invite audience interaction.

Sharon Lowen - Odissi Dancer
Sharon Lowen
Renowned Odissi Dancer
Manju Seth - Ambassador
Manju Seth
Shagufta Yasmeen - DD Urdu News
Shagufta Yasmeen
DD Urdu News

Rakhee Bakshee - Mediaperson
Rakhee Bakshee

Asha Devi - Nirbhaya’s Mother
Asha Devi
Nirbhaya’s Mother

Sangeeta Gupta - Author, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
Sangeeta Gupta
Author, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax